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Dr. Nicola Riley was raised in New York City, New York. After attending a military college and a stint in the US Army, she continued with her on and off again passion with clinical research at Cornell Medical Center in New York; then as a researcher at the Denver Medical School Department of Psychiatry. She then attended the University of Utah Medical School and subsequently graduated in 2002. She attended the St. Mark’s Hospital Family Medicine Residency and completed her post graduated residency training in September 2005. She was Board Certified in Family Medicine as of 2005. Afterwards, she dared to start her own solo family medicine practice, and includes home care for those who qualify.

Throughout her time in solo practice Dr. Riley has expanded her skill set to include hospice and palliative medicine, skilled nursing care, women’s health services, home visits for those who qualify, mood disorder counseling, and transgender hormone medical management. Dr. Riley also, enjoyed doing a year of travel to rural Wyoming to practice and get a taste of small town medicine, which she greatly appreciated. Dr. Riley offers a variety of services to a wide and diverse patient population base. Her philosophy is that the physician and patient are working in partnership and expects her patients to actively participate in their medical care and practice medical compliance. Open communication and mutual respect are critical to a productive partnership.